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Recalling the Memories Contest Results Display.

Siyingyi A Jian Oying Tianyi Siyingyi
B Zhou Ojie Goodbye, it will be a long time to see you again Silvyi
A Pan Oru Father
Silvyi B Pan Oru Dreamland Siyingyi
C Li Oyi Those, never forgotten
Four Raises One A Xu Oxian has no regrets

tourism Academy

Four Still One A Zhang O Dear Snowflake Cake
Four Still One B Wang O Yin To Youth
Four Room One A He Oyu 9903 Kilometers Encounter
Four Room One B Wu Owei The story under the photo
Four Move One A Yang Oning Osmanthus Fragrance
Four moves one B Cao Oci’s memories of the two of us
Four business one A Zheng Oya’s deep love
Four business one B Fu Owei Youth weaving in summer
Four business one C Wang O Qiao A one-day-limited family
four pass one A Zhan Oxuan When I was a child
, four passes and one B. Zhao Oxuan. In midsummer,
four passes and one C. Cai Oqin recalled. Memories - Stories in a Photo Frame
Siman A Shi Oyi Recalls. Hometown
Si Man 1 B Pan O Yin Middle School Full Stop under the Epidemic

Design school

Seven Beauty One A Zhang O Tong recalled. Memories - Stories in Frames
Seven Beauty One B Shen Ojie Wangyou Forest
Seven beauty two A Huang O string recall. memory - you in memory
Seven Beauty Two B Wang Oren About My Youth
Seven Beauty Three A Pan O Nian Service starts from the side
Seven Beauty Three B Guo Oyu The Days of Exchange Students
Seven Beauty Four A Li Oxian recalled. Memories - Stories in Frames
Seven Beauty Four B Lu Oqi recalled. Memories - Stories in Frames
Qiyinyi A Shi Ojie recalled. Memories - Stories in Frames
Qiyin 2A Zhan Oxuan Concert for Excellent Academic Results

Qiyin 2 B   Song O En Recalling Memories-People and stories engraved on the board of my heart
Seven Tones Three A Wang Oxian My Encounter with Two Conductors
Seven Tones Three B Liao Oyu Story in the Photo Frame-Yinyuan
Seven Tones Four A Fang Oxuan The Most Beautiful Him
Seven tone four B Wu Oci recalled. Memories - my bangs are really "avant-garde"
Seven Dances One A Zheng Ozhen Growth
Seven Dances Two A Huang O Qin My Unforgettable Dance Competition
Seven Dances Three A Fang Oxin I heard that you are going on a long journey
Seven Dance Four A   Yang Ojie recalled. Memories - a moment of growth, love and kindness
Four Beauty One A Lin Olin loves photography
Four Beauty One B Li Oyu's birthday reason
Four Dances One A Yan Oshan 14 stars on the basketball court
Si Le Yi A Dai O-hsien beauty is by your side

art academy

Four enterprises, one A, all o, double baptism - part-time work for accommodation
Four Wealths One A Xia Ohong Liver is not good, life is black and white
Four capitals and one A Chen Ojie Memories, once happy and beautiful
Four capitals and one B Cai Ocheng commemorates the grandfather in the sky
Four Tubes One A Lin Osheng Melting Gold in the Setting Sun
Four tubes and one B Chen Ohua The mountain city of four seasons that never gets tired of reading

School of Management

Four Children One A Liu Openg Peanut glutinous rice balls in the cold winter
Four Children One B Hu Ofang High School Memories, Music
Four Lives One A Qiu Oxiang Fireworks
Four Lives One B Ancient O Ling Landscape
Four servings and one A Guo O'er recalled. Hua said I can't have you
Four servers, one B, Su Ochun, the last afterglow
Four servings and one C Lin Oxiu recalled . memories story in frame
Four Capacities One A Lin O Zhen Childhood Memories
Four Rongyi B Zhuang O Yu Zhi, Youth
Four Capacities One C Huang Oting's Career Highlights - Out of the Comfort Zone
Four Luck One A Lin Oxian A Chou
Four Games One B Lu Oyi He is still alive
Four meals and one A Yang Oyou looking for. planktonic
Four meals a B Gu O Fang Love. sweet

Academy of Life Sciences

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