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111/11/08 Liberal Arts Lecture-Digital Technology Series 2─Talking about the development of wave energy and life in Japan to find a job

Tainan University of Applied Sciences 111 Academic Year 1st Semester

111 Year Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementation of Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

Event name

Liberal Arts Lecture - Digital Technology Series 2─Talking about the development of wave energy and life in Japan


The speaker accidentally found a job because he found the recruitment announcement in the E-mail spam. He went to the Marine Energy Research Center of Saga University in Japan as a researcher and started a series of wave energy development. Mode of operation, creative concepts of various research and development, and experience of living in Japan.

Handling unit

Sponsored by the General Education Center and co-organized by the Department of Business Administration


All teachers and students


Lecturer Zhang Youqi

Activity time

November 08, 2011 (Tuesday) 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Event Location

Classroom B001, Business Building

Event Contact

General Education Center Miss Weng Xiaoting (extension 350)

ways of registration

Online Registration (http://action.tut.edu.tw/)

November 08 2011 Tuesday _



Keynote speaker host


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Speech by the host

Department of Health and Leisure Management

Professor Hou Dianhong


Talking about the development of wave energy and the life of Haihai in Japan and looking for a job

Chen DaweiGeneral Manager


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