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【Event Information】 The Aboriginal Student Resource Center of the school organizes Aboriginal language courses (Ami, Atayal), please actively participate

The Aboriginal Student Resource Center offers short-term ethnic language courses this semester. This time, they are the Amis "Xuguluan Amis" and the Atayal "Sekulik Atayal". Non-indigenous students are also invited to participate in the courses.

📍Date: 03/16 (Wednesday) ~ 06/08 (Wednesday), ten classes

📍Time: 17:30~19:30

📍Location: The third floor of the Student Activity Center - S307 Yuanzi Center Gathering Hall

📍Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jeU2S821UFNTNojptkmYRFGj68C5wAMFgGd1ObfXZCI/edit

📍For related questions, you can ask Teacher Du of the Ethnic Student Resource Center (06-2532106 #281)

1. The courses can be credited for the service hours of the aboriginal scholarship and bursary of the college
2. Please assist in epidemic prevention during the course
3. The class starts on time, please be there on time


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