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110/5/03 Liberal Arts Lecture Series 1~Where does the waste go? Let's talk about the recycling mechanism!

Tainan University of Applied Sciences, 2nd Semester of 2019 Academic Year

110 Year Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementation of Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

Event name

Liberal Arts Lecture Series


The General Liberal Arts Lecture Series invites lecturers from the industry to come to our school to give lectures this semester, giving students different perspectives to think about the issues of environmental sustainability and future career planning.

※Liberal Arts Lecture Series 1: Aiming at enhancing students’ awareness of the knowledge of sustainable development of the environment, Hsieh Cheng-da, a doctor of engineering from National Taiwan University and the founder of Daditong Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was invited to deal with waste from the industry From the perspective of students, share the neglected invisible pollution problems, thereby enhancing students' reflection on environmental issues and raising their awareness of social responsibility.

Handling unit

Sponsored by the General Education Center and co-organized by the Department of Business Administration


All teachers and students


Dr. Xie Zhengda

Activity time

May 03 , 2010 (Mon) 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Event Location

School Education Building E320

Event Contact

General Education Center Miss Weng Xiaoting (extension 350)

ways of registration

Online Registration (http://action.tut.edu.tw/)

Event schedule:

May 03, 110 (Monday)



Keynote speaker/host


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Speech by the host

General Education Center

Director Zhang Renyi


Where does the waste go? Let’s talk about the recycling mechanism!

Dr. Xie Zhengda





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