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110/4/26 Lecture Series on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1~ You don’t want to start a business, you just don’t want to go to work

Tainan University of Applied Sciences, 2nd Semester of 2019  Academic Year

110  Year Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

SpindlePlan  ─ Implementation of the teaching innovation   activity plan


Event name

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series 1 - You don't want to start a business, you just don't want to go to work


With the development of digital technology and the strategy of encouraging the development of youth entrepreneurship, many young students tend to reject the nine-to-five-day office life after graduation and choose to start their own businesses. But after starting a business, have you ushered in a free and happy life? In response to this topic, Lin Ruiya, a successful seventh-grade boss, is invited to share with you his entrepreneurial journey and problems encountered, and from his personal perspective, to share the attitude and necessary preparations for choosing a stable job and free entrepreneurship .

Handling unit

Sponsored by the General Education Center; co-organized by the Department of Business Administration


All teachers and students


Lin Ruiya

Activity time

April 26, 110 (Mon) 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Event Location

Classroom B001 , Business Building, our school

Event Contact

General Education Center Ms. Weng Xiaoting  ext . 350 )

ways of registration

Online Registration (http://action.tut.edu.tw/)

Event schedule:

April 26 110   Monday )  _   _ 



Keynote speaker / host


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Speech by the host

General Education Center

Director Zhang Renyi


You don't want to start a business, you just don't want to work

Lecturer Lin Ruiya




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