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109/11/21 Smart Programming Workshop 2 - Starting from scratch, hands-on programming and innovation


Tainan University of Applied Sciences 109 academic year first semester

109 Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementation of Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

  • Activity Name: Smart Programming Workshop 2 - Starting from scratch, hands-on programming and innovation
  • Purpose of the activity: To use the physical development board and the simple block program stacking method to experience the connection between program development and life technology, so as to inspire learners' design inspiration and enhance digital technology knowledge.
  • Activity content: On the browser, use the mouse to drag the block, and use the simple method of pushing and stacking blocks to replace complex programming, and use the development version and kit to simulate the use of technology in the car, such as: automatic car follow, vehicle Tracking control system ...etc .
  • Handling unit: General Education Center Co-organizer: Department of Enterprise Management
  • This activity is in line with the school affairs development plan implementation plan and the school's core competence indicators as follows:

( 1 ) School development plan: A1-2 Cultivate program application and design thinking skills

( 2 ) The school's core competency indicators: problem solving, innovation, continuous learning, information technology application

  • Participants: All teachers and students of the school
  • Activity time: the first session November 14 , 2019 , 8:30 am - :30 pm (with lunch box)

Session 2 November 21 , 2019 , 8:30 am -4:30 pm ( with lunch box)

  • Venue: Classroom B503 , Business Building of our school, Classroom  L703   , Tuzi Building (the number of people is related, the venue has been changed, sorry for the inconvenience)
  • Activity Contact: Ms. Weng Xiaoting, General Education Center ( ext . 350)
  • Registration method: registration website , or refer to the QR code, registration will close at 5:00 pm on November 11 , 2010 ( Wednesday ) .
  • Event schedule:

November 14, 109 Saturday ) and November 21 , 109 ( Saturday )



Keynote speaker / host


check in


opening introduction

Director of Liberal Studies Center

Associate Professor Zhang Renyi


Introduction to development version and development tools

Basic Programming Learning

Xu Mingjian




Basic Programming Learning
Implementation: Controlling LED lights with programs

Xu Mingjian


lunch break


Advanced Programming Learning

Xu Mingjian




Advanced Programming Learning
Implementation: Auto-following and tracking sensing for self-propelled vehicles

Xu Mingjian



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Invite a teacher
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program teaching
program implementation
program implementation
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