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109/11/14 Smart Programming Workshop 1 - Easy to learn programming and creativity, learning to write programs with micro:bit




Tainan University of Applied Sciences 109 academic year first semester

109 Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementation of Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

  • Activity Name: Smart Programming Workshop 1 - Easy to learn programming and play creativity, learning to write programs with micro:bit
  • Purpose of the activity: In this era of digital information, through practical operations, students can learn computational thinking and develop their creative abilities, so as to promote students' in-depth understanding and learning of new language skills.
  • Activities: (1) Use the micro:bit development board to learn programming and electronic knowledge .

(2) Through the simple program development interface, learn programming easily by dragging and dropping building blocks .

(3) Use smart car components to implement, let students use programming to plan and control the way the car travels .

  • Organized by: General Education Center Co-organized by: Department of Business Administration
  • Participants: All teachers and students of the school
  • Activity time: the first session November 14 , 2019 , 8:30 am - :30 pm (with lunch box)

Session 2 November 21 , 2019 , 8:30 am -4:30 pm ( with lunch box)

  • Venue: Classroom   B502  , Business Building, L702, Tuzi Building, our school
  • Activity Contact: Ms. Weng Xiaoting, General Education Center ( ext . 350)

9. Registration method: registration website , or refer to the QR code , registration will close at 5:00 pm on November 11 2019 ( Wednesday ) .

10. Activity schedule:

November 14 109 Saturday ) and November 21 109 (Saturday)



Keynote speaker / host


check in


Understanding micro:bit and basic programming logic

Cheng Qijin




Implementation: Controlling LED lights with programs

Cheng Qijin


lunch break


Programming Learning: Patrol Sensing & Vehicle Control

Cheng Qijin




Implementation: Tracking route sensing implementation

Cheng Qijin




photo with lecturer
photo with lecturer
Write a program to make the robot car go
Write a program to make the robot car go
How to write teaching programs
How to write teaching programs
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