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109/11/06 Chinese Writing Contest — "Remember·Recall"

Tainan University of Applied Sciences 109 academic year first semester

109 Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Chinese Writing Contest

1. Activity name: "Remember·Memory—Story in the Photo Frame"

2. The purpose of the activity: The growth and transformation of children is through the accumulation of life experience. The colorful, wonderful and heavy memories in life are the nutrients for growth. They are constantly stirred up and watered to shape various personality traits. Reflection on life experience has become the key to transformation. Therefore, through the memory and inspection of "photographs" in life experience, and then writing down life stories, not only can deepen the experience, but also further achieve the purpose of self-examination. Therefore, the General Education Center specially held the "Remember • Memories - Stories in the Frame" writing competition, in addition to improving students' written expression and practical writing skills, it also provides students with opportunities for reflection and self-examination, hoping to shape positive personality traits .

3. Content theme: The narrative of the story is based on the selection of the content of the "photograph" and related writing. The theme of the "photograph" can include people, things, things, such as family, love, friendship, notes, lyricism, narrative, discussion etc., from which to describe the story or sigh.

4. Participating objects: students in the first grade of the fourth technology and the first to fourth grades of the seventh technology

5. Registration

(1) Deadline for submission: from now until 15:00 on November 25 , 2019 ( Wednesday ) . (Payment is deemed as registration completed)

(2) Payment method:

The competition is based on the class. Please submit the content of the competition to the teacher of the native literature of each class.

[ Please refer to the link below for content format examples ]

6. Work specifications

(1) "Photos" prohibits the use of works downloaded from the Internet or taken by others. Works owned or taken by oneself are preferred.

(2) Discussions are limited to "one photo".

(3) There is no limit to the number of words, and the text must be written by yourself.

7. Review method:

The competition takes the class as the unit, and the teachers of "native language" and "national language" will be the judges of each class.

Choose an excellent work.

8. Sponsor: General Education Center

9. Activity contact person: Ms. Weng Xiaoting, General Education Center (extension 350)

10. Reward method:

Each class will select one student: a bonus of NT$ 1,000 and a certificate of merit

Winners must submit the following information to E110 General Education Center Office

                      1. Fill out the registration form

2. Authorization letter of authorship

3. works

[Please download the above attachments from the link below]

11. Matters needing attention

(1) All entries will not be returned, please keep the manuscript

(2) If the participating works infringe on the copyrights of others, they will be disqualified from participating in the competition. If they win the prize, they will recover all the aforementioned rewards and must bear all legal responsibilities.

(3) The award-winning works can be provided to the school for use in various literature and publicity free of charge.

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