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Organization Member

The organization members of the center include administrative staff and a team of teachers. The administrative staff consists of one director and two team members, who are responsible for various administrative tasks such as the arrangement, planning and promotion of general education courses. Courses are divided into native language groups, foreign language groups, humanities and arts groups, social science groups, natural science groups, digital technology groups, and health and leisure groups. Each group has a convener to coordinate the teaching and business arrangements of the group. The administrative staff and duties are as follows:

job title


job duties






 Ou ChunChun


Comprehensive general education center's various administrative operations and plan execution



Extension: 372

Zhang Yuanhao




Zhang Yuanhao

Arrangement and coordination of general education courses

Freshman English Proficiency Group

Fill in the basic database of school affairs (basic English ability)

Collection of general education textbooks

Undertaker of electronic official documents and electronic official mailboxes

Various general education meetings

Taiwan Literature, History and Art Credit Program






Extension: 350

Weng Xiaoting





Weng Xiaoting

property management, maintenance

Fund preparation and write-off

Audio-visual classroom management, maintenance, cleaning

English Graduation Threshold Online Examination and Summer Tutoring Class

Assist in the implementation of various projects

Official website update


Extension: 350

Zhang Yuanhao
Tainan University of Applied Sciences Convenors of each teaching group:
group Name

native language

   Ou Chunchun Associate Professor

foreign language

Ye Yuting Assistant Professor 

Humanities and Arts

Yang Huigi Professor  

social science

Wei Shixian Assistant Professor 

natural science

Zhang Renyi Professor 

digital technology

Du Zhumin Associate Professor 

health and leisure

Chen Hongqing Associate Professor 

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