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Setting History


                              General education originated from the education of free people in ancient Greece. It is called liberal education or liberal education, and its purpose is to inherit culture. Modern general education is extended to all universities (including general and technological colleges and universities), with the hope that intellectuals who receive university education can have the basic qualities of cultural people. Furthermore, the times are changing rapidly, and general education also shoulders the mission of integrating and flexibly transforming professional knowledge.

         In order to achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education issued the "Implementation Key Points for Elective Subjects of General Education in Colleges" in 1973, and fully implemented the elective system of general education courses in 1974, hoping to achieve the goal of whole-person education through general education courses. Purpose. The school was upgraded to a technical college in 1986. Based on curriculum needs, the General Education Center was formally established in November 1988, and a "General Education Committee" was established to be responsible for the development of general education development and general education courses. Planning and review, research and effectiveness evaluation of general education teaching. Since the 2000 academic year, the General Education Center has been adjusted to a first-level administrative unit according to the organization regulations of the school, and the former subordinate teachers have been assigned to various departments.

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