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Unit Introduction

teaching objectives

        The goal of general education in this school is to cultivate students with the basic qualities that modern citizens should have, including communication, problem solving, professional dedication, humanistic quality, teamwork, innovation and creation, planning integration, and information technology. The contents of the eight qualities are explained as follows:

Eight literacy

Description of content

( 1 )  Communication and expression

Cultivate students to have the language ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, be able to understand other people's oral and non-oral information, and effectively use Chinese to establish good interpersonal relationships.

( 2 )  Problem solving

Cultivate students to develop independent critical thinking ability, analyze problems objectively, and make correct judgments to solve problems effectively.

( 3 )  Dedication and enthusiasm

Cultivate students' self-exploration, that is, the ability of active learning, construct moral and ethical values, plan career development, grasp the pulse of society, and practice the ideal of lifelong learning.

( 4 )  Humanistic literacy

Cultivate students' care and respect for life, ethnic groups, society, environment and nature, realize and understand the importance of interdependence, and develop aesthetic and innovative abilities by understanding different cultures.

( 5 )  Teamwork

Cultivate students' concept of social service and team division and cooperation, and learn to use organization and coordination skills, so as to cultivate the ability of leadership and control.

( 6 )  Innovation and Creation

Cultivate students' ability of creative thinking and multiple aesthetics, be brave to change and innovate, stimulate life enthusiasm, and improve workplace competitiveness.

( 7 )  Planning integration

Cultivate students' cross-disciplinary thinking and the concept of integrated practice, and enhance leadership and management capabilities through training such as setting goals, formulating strategies, planning implementation, and evaluating results.

( 8 )  Information Technology

Cultivate students' ability to use information and technology integration, effectively search, process and deliver operations, and appropriately use information and technology to plan, inspect, execute and evaluate work.


Teaching environment

(1) Audio-visual classroom

Professional audio-visual classrooms: Education Dasakura E302 , E303 , E320

Ordinary audio-visual classrooms: Education Building E210 , E306 , E307 , E308 , E309 , E310

Subject classrooms: Teaching Building T303 (Natural Science), T304 (Social Science), T305 (Humanities and Art)

Multiple Environment Theater: Teaching Building T508

Creative Studio of Multiple Arts Group: Teaching Building T407

(2) Literary and Art Situation Corridor

Located next to the office of the General Education Center, it provides a space for students to display their learning results, or for thematic arrangement.

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