111/05/11 Liberal Arts Lecture - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series 1─10th Anniversary of Entrepreneurship, Why Can I Survive So Long?

Tainan University of Applied Sciences 110, the second semester of the academic year

111 Year Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementation of Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

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LiberalArtsLecture - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series - 10th Anniversary of Entrepreneurship, Why Can I Survive So Long?


Shopping malls are like battlefields. How to stand out and go long-term on the road of entrepreneurship. For this topic, Mr. Zheng Zhiyuan, an eighth-grade boss who is successful in entrepreneurship, shares how to update marketing thinking, catch up with the ever-evolving Internet generation, and use digital Technology creates a high-quality image and creates a successful and long-term entrepreneurial road for oneself.

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Sponsored by the General Education Center and co-organized by the Department of Business Administration


All teachers and students


Lecturer Zheng Zhiyuan

Activity time

May 11, 111 (Wednesday) 10:00 am to 12:00 am

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Classroom B001, Business Building

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General Education Center Miss Weng Xiaoting (extension 350)

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Online Registration (http://action.tut.edu.tw/)


May 11, 111 (Wednesday)



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Speech by the host

Director of General Education Center

Associate Professor Zhang Renyi


The tenth anniversary of my business, why can I survive for so long?

Zheng Zhiyuan Master


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