【Please note】 In order to prevent recreational accidents in sea areas such as mad dog waves, we provide marine disaster prevention science popularization resources produced by the Taiwan Ocean Education Center of National Taiwan Ocean University

1. The center has been promoting marine disaster prevention science knowledge through multiple means such as articles, posters, short films, and animations. It is hoped that the public will enhance marine literacy, take precautions, and understand how to save themselves when encountering disasters.

2. In view of the fact that "mad dog waves" and "offshore currents" are the two main causes of recreational accidents in sea areas, the center was inconsistent with the "10-second classroom" of the network knowledge graphic team and the information design company "graphic and text discrepancies" in 2010. / Newsletter Design” to produce posters and animations with the theme of “Mad Dog Wave” and “Lift Current”, and integrate relevant resources into the following website: https://tmec.ntou.edu.tw/p/406 -1016-38947,r625.php?Lang=zh-tw, hoping to reduce recreational accidents in related sea areas.