【Free learning information】 Ministry of Education "Mandarin 101" APP and free online Chinese learning resources

1. In order to help foreigners to learn and use Chinese more conveniently, the department launched an online Chinese teaching material that is ready to use - Chinese 101 (website: https://lmit.edu.tw/lc/huayu101/), including 12 basic life Situational Chinese conversation, the content ranges from greeting to making friends, sightseeing to business, transportation to accommodation, shopping to appointment, emergency assistance to medical treatment, etc. Since its launch in May 2017, it has been used by about 130,000 people and has been well received by all walks of life.

2. In order to enable Chinese learners at home and abroad to use this textbook to learn Chinese more smoothly, the headquarters launched the Chinese 101 APP, which is divided into iOS version and Android version. All are welcome to download and use.   

(1) iOS version: https://reurl.cc/Kr6eGp   

(2) Android version: https://reurl.cc/43grxj

3. In addition, the headquarters set up a "Learn Chinese to Taiwan" area in the "Taiwan Chinese Education Resource Center" (website: https://lmit.edu.tw/lc), providing "Start From Scratch", "Intermediate Chinese", "FLTA Free online Chinese learning courses such as "Story Book Series", "Mandarin in 300 sentences", "Fall in Love With Mandarin", welcome Chinese teaching staff or those who are interested in learning Chinese to search online.