109/10/14 Digital Innovation Lecture 1 - How to do digital innovation marketing in the post-epidemic era

Tainan University of Applied Sciences 109 academic year first semester

109 Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Plan

Spindle Project A - Implementing Teaching Innovation Activity Plan

  • Activity name : Digital Innovation Lecture 1 - How to do digitalinnovation marketing in the post-epidemic era?
  • Purpose of the activity: To enable the teachers and students of the school to understand the importance of digital innovation and marketing models in the post-epidemic era, how to update marketing thinking, and use digital technology to create a high-quality marketing model.
  • Handling unit: General Education Center Co-organizer: Department of Enterprise Management
    Participants: all teachers and students
    Speaker: Zheng Zhiyuan
    Activity time: October 14, 2019 (Wed) 10:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Venue: B001, Business Building, our school
    Activity contact person: General Education Center - Ms. Weng Xiaoting (extension 350)
    Registration method: Online registration (http://action.tut.edu.tw)

  • Event schedule:
October 14, 109 (Wednesday)


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Speech by the host

General Education Center

Director Zhang Renyi


How to do digital marketing in the post-epidemic era? Lecturer Zheng Zhiyuan


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